Parental Investment in Children's Education: a TREE study

PICE Study

PICE Studie Überblick

PICE is a TREE (Transitions from Education to Employment) in-depth project that deals with the educational pathways of young adults and is particularly interested in how they are accompanied by their families on their way to professional life:

PICE wants to analyse what educational aspirations young people in Switzerland have and whether or how they are supported by their parents.There are big differences in how much and what kind of support families can give their children in different (educational) settings. What resources do families have and which strategies are successful? It can be difficult for families to support their children if certain resources are lacking. Families with a migration background often face additional difficulties in this context; for instance because of language barriers, less familiarity with the school system or fear of discrimination.
PICE wants to know in which situations young adults need support, what kind of support they would like to receive and how their wishes and aspirations change in the course of their educational career. To answer these questions, the PICE team will analyse the data from the research project TREE2 - , which is closely related to the PICE study. These data were collected in a standardised survey with about 9,000 young people and allow representative assessments. Furthermore, about 70 of the participants, as well as one of their parents, are chosen to take part in a qualitative interview. This combination of standardized TREE data on the one hand and qualitative interviews on the other allows a more complete and deeper analysis than is usual in most research projects.
The project will be running for three years and is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation ( PICE will make a contribution at the social and educational level, as it will increase our knowledge of how young adults and their families can be better supported on their way into professional life.