Parental Investment in Children's Education: a TREE study


PICE Ergebnisse

The results would not have been possible without the support of various people:
First and foremost, we thank the TREE respondents and their parents for their willingness to be interviewed!
In addition, we are grateful to the TREE team at the University of Bern for giving us the opportunity to conduct PICE as an additional study and for their valuable support throughout the project. 
We would also like to thank the data service and data management support team at FORS, the Swiss Competence Centre for Social Sciences, for their support with data archiving, data management and regarding research ethics. 
Finally, we thank the project partners (Laura Bernardi and Ben Jann) and the PICE Advisory Board (Christophe Delay, Andreas Hadjar, Katariina Salmela-Aro and Eva Mey) for their valuable feedback and support.

The results were presented and discussed at various national and international conferences. You will find an overview here: Parental Investment in Children’s Education (PICE) in Migrant Families in Switzerland (



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